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Spreading good waves across the EU

We are a Berlin-based, music-focused, promotion agency: we select and promote a well-curated roster of European and international musicians, helping them to gain exposure and allowing them to reach their potential fan-base. From electronic beats to distorted guitars and from the club to the stage, we like to work with sounds and people that we really believe deserve recognition and inspire us at the same time. As musicians and huge music lovers with previous experience in other branches of the music industry, we understand the urgencies and requests of our clients, who can always trust us to put the human relationship in first place. We promote records, live events, tours and everything in between, throughout Germany and Italy. For more info about our services, feel free to contact us in EN / DE / IT.

Jambutek Recordings
Electronic music from Sri Lanka
Wild Love Records
Sicilian indie-rock label
Annibale Records
Indie-rock label from Florence