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Pawas ft. Helly Larson & Low Volume
Undivided EP
This nuanced three-track EP sees veteran producer Pawas effortlessly fuse subtle melodies with lush, atmospheric soundscapes to create intelligent and refined electronic music that explores spaces in-between house, techno dub and funk. Featuring collaborations with Cologne based purveyors of understated and minimalist dub-techno, Low Volume, as well as the late, great Helly Larson (whose prolific and lauded career was tragically cut-short in 2017), the 'Undivided EP' serves as a sincere study of life, loss, and artistry that manages to dexterously straddle the line between a diverse range of styles and musical aesthetics. The release Includes a masterful rework of the title track by Konstanz based producer, Patrick Zigon.